Alfalah Medi Tours was founded at Kochi, India by its prime facilitator Mr. Abdul Salam in 2006 who has experience in tourism and health sector since 1996. Our aim is to provide world class medical tourism packages, at affordable prices to the patients across the globe. Over these years Alfalah has grown as one of the most trusted providers of medical tourism services in Kerala. We provide our patients with personalized services and ensure that they had a safe ,highly effective and hassle free medical travel experience. Hospitals in our network are equipped with world class health care systems, qualified medical teams, and moreover they are cost effective and provides hassle-free treatment procedures. Our professional approach and assistance and quick response has resulted in an increased flow of satisfied customers, especially from Middle-East, Maldives etc. We have our own team of health facilitators who are good in Arabic, Maldivian Language, English etc, Hindi etc.

Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food

  • I felt, we were taken care well by the Alfalah Program facilitator throughout our package.  All Itineraries from the airport pick up to consultation with the physician went perfectly as planned. Thank you Alfalah.
    Ali Wahid, Maldives
  • We are very impressed with the Alfalah Medi Tours  for their complete focus and support during and after our treatment.  We could also visit some excellent tourist spots in Kerala with the support of Mr. Abdulsalam.  They made the process unbelievably smooth and hassle free.  We are thankful and grateful to you.
    Mohammed Rasheed (Mote), Maldives
  • I look back at my stay, and treatment in Kerala with fond memories and extreme satisfaction. Throughout our health tourism package, Alfalah team headed by Mr. Abdulsalam was   friendly, available, knowledgeable, and helpful. I recommend Alfalah for all those look forward for medical treatment in Kerala.
    Adam Mohammed, Maldives
  • When we thought of treatment options abroad, my main concerns was about the communication part, as I need to convey well with the medical team about my health problems.  All my concerns came to an end when I spoke to Mr. Abdulsalam (Prime Facilitator - Alfalah Medi Tours) for the first time.  He was very good in Maldivian language and I was able to communicate well with doctors, with his translation skills. We were taken care very well by Alfalah team. Thank you so much.
    Ali Moosa, Maldives
  • We tried to  contact different hospitals overseas, but couldn't get proper responses from them. Your quick feedback with proper solutions really impressed me and now I feel much comfortable, after my treatment at Kochi, Kerala.  Thank you Mr.Abdulsalam for your excellent hospitality  and helping mentality.
    Ali Salaam, Oman
  • I am so grateful to Alfalah for all the services and information provided for my treatment in Kochi.  The hospital, accommodation,  location arranged for us, was perfect.  Special thanks to Mr. Abdulsalam for his excellent co-ordination, and support.
    Abdullah Saalam, Oman
  • Great service! Alfalah Abdulsalam.  You are the best. My life has become better because of  the treatment arranged by you.
    Mohammed Zuhari, Maldives


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